Cash Bandits 3 Slots

This is the latest entry in a long running series that put this developer on the map. If you like Looney Toons style artwork, and big jackpots, then you will fall in love with this one!

About the Game

If you have played any of the other games, then you simply have to play this one. This is the one that they clearly put the most time into. It is the highest production value game of the series, and the latest on top of that. Of all the different games that people play and this franchise, this ranks highly among their favorites. If you want to find out why it’s so popular, and has three entries in total, you are more than welcome to start with any one of them!

Slot Game Developer

This game is brought to you by real time gaming, which used this as a platform to launch themselves into a major company. Before this game, they were not unknown. After this franchise took off, however, they became somewhat the default provider of quality slot machines online. This series itself is near and dear to their heart. You can tell, based on all the many details in their different games.

Demo Play

When you boot up the game itself, you can instantly start playing. You might think this is just for the first spin, but it is not! Why would you keep playing without any real money at stake? For fun, of course! This also lets you get a feel for the game itself and whether or not you would like to invest in it.


Continuing on with the trends started by the earlier entries in the series, this game involves you stealing lots of money from policemen, and then running away. You will steal the money from vaults, passersby, and other things, but you are in general a thief. And at this point, we think that the police officers probably know you by name! It is the third entry of the series. Much like the third entries tend to be in most trilogies, it is also widely considered to be the best.

Game Design

This game plays exactly like all of the previous centuries. If you enjoyed the way they played, this is great! If you are looking for something refreshing, however, you should not expect to find that here. The game itself is a relatively standard five reel game. They decided to bring back the hefty progressive jackpot, which was one of the reasons that the original game became so popular. You can play at exactly like the other games and be forgiven for thinking it was designed exactly the same. There aren’t many differences from the others, aside from the art style. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

Slot Game Type

Real time gaming brought together all of the most love features of slot machine games here in one package. You can win a nice progressive jackpot the longer everyone collectively plays. You can bet across 25 different lines. The amount of lines you can better range from a single penny up in one cent increments to $.25. If you can muster that for a client and max out your betting, the most you can bet that one time remains $6.25.

Bonus Round

The bonus round here takes a little bit from both of the previous entries in the genre. It is once again called the vault feature. The vault feature, much like before, involves you picking one of the vaults to open and receiving what is inside. The things you can get are your usual slot machine standard rewards. One of them is free spins. The other is a jackpot. Sometimes you will get a multiplier. No matter what you get, we are sure you will love it!

Game RTP

The return to player here is the same as the last two games in the franchise, which is to say, great! You have around a 97% chance of winning here, if only winning something small. Most people do pretty well with this game, which is part of the reason it became popular enough for a franchise. If you would like to win something, a game like this is the way to go due to its high return to player!

Slot Game Rating

This is the highest ranked entry in the series because it is the latest. Some people like others better, but they all play similarly. For that reason, we would rank them all highly.

Play for Fun

If you just want some fun with some nice cartoon imagery, you can instantly play this one to that end. Playing for fun is nothing to be ashamed of. Most of us play for fun from time to time if we are bored. It is a lot better than paying a lot of money for another game. These are free, I’ll let you practice for when you want to put down real money!

Play for Real Money

If you are ballsy enough to risk it all, you can also put down as much or as little in terms of betting amounts as you would like. If you put down enough money, you can win enough money to never have to play one of these games again! The progressive jackpot will be won no matter what you bet, so keep that in mind.

Mobile Play for Android / iOS

We tried it out on a brand new iPhone, and iPad Pro, and various Google phones and tablets that we had running around. All of them worked flawlessly, and the game looked wonderful. If there is a device out there on mobile that won’t play this game well, we have yet to encounter it, and have a hard time believing that anybody also! Being the third entry in the franchise, they had a lot of time to optimize this one well. It easily runs the best on mobile devices of all of them.