Plentiful Treasure Slots

Plentiful Treasure Slots
For a game that is about treasure, it tends to spend most of its time giving it back to you! Graphics here are great, the theme is on point, and there is an incredible value based on the many jackpots you can get. With four jackpots in total and one to five times multipliers, alongside free spins, this game does little but impress!

About the Game

There are many jewelry and Arabian themed games. This one strikes a sophisticated balance between the two. Looking like something out of the museum, with a sophisticated look and feel, this one is all about enticing you with nice visuals while at the same time impressing you with multipliers. It is one of the slickest games on the market at the moment, which you would expect from real time gaming.

Slot Game Developer

Real time gaming brings you the best and brightest in all of the online slot community. There is a little about their games that leaves them open to criticism. They tend to combine big jackpots with innovative mechanics and wonderful art styles. This game is no different!

Demo Play

The second the image graphics load, you can start playing! No need to make a bet or anything like that. They have made the starting mode a free to play feature, instantly going the moment you click on it. Feel free to use it to decide whether or not this is your kind of game!


This game is a vaguely eastern and Arabian themed slot. It’s somewhere between Southeast Asian and the classic images of Arabian nights. This is present all throughout the graphics, mostly on the jewels themselves, and the kind of accent work you will see on the user interface.

Game Design

Nothing about this game is out of the ordinary for real time gaming. They have combined their usual five reel style with progressive jackpot and a high number of multipliers. They also let you bet in the usual increments. They have multiple bonus rounds, and that rounds out the rest of it. If you have played any other real time gaming title, you will know what to expect here.

Slot Game Type

As we said, most things about this game are fairly normal to the genre. Having five reels, a progressive jackpot, and many other minor jackpots, this game does all of the usual gambling clichés justice. You can bet across a large number of lines, being 243. That is another stand out feature, although we would rank it lower than the rest in terms of the art style and all else.


The number of lines here is the main draw. Being 243, you won’t find any other games out there that can match it, and certainly few that look as good! It’s a truly innovative feature that we think jaded players will enjoy.

Bonus Round

The bonus rounds here come in twos. One of them is simply a free games feature. If you match the right symbols, you will be able to play for free! Everybody loves for you, including us. You also have the gold coin feature. If you match the right kinds, this one will come up. All of their bonus rounds involve either winning more money, or getting more free spins. We love both!

Free Spins

The main source of free spins here is the free games feature. Should your luck favor you and you match the right symbols, you will be giving more free place. Nothing complicated, only appreciated!

Game RTP

The return to play here is exactly the same as all other real time gaming titles. You won’t have to worry about playing for long stretches without ever taking anything away. You can expect a 96% to 97% return. This is audited by an independent third-party, so you know it is legitimate.

Slot Game Rating

This is one of the more popular real time gaming titles, consistently being in the top 10 no matter what website it is on. Players love the high budget artwork, the infinite jackpots, and the large number of lines you can bet on!

Slot Game Winners

Should you win by getting the correct symbols on the board, you can be part of their leaderboard. In addition to paying well, this will also give you bragging rights to show your friends! It is proof that you came out on top, and have more skill in slots.

Play for Fun

If you’re just looking for a good time, you can find it here! There is no risk that needs to be taken, unless you decide to do so. Demo mode instantly starts the moment you see the slot. After that, one click gets you going, and you can play infinitely from there! Technically in demo mode you do have a maximum point amount that you start with, but reloading the game resets it all.

Play for Real Money

If you put down real money, you can take it vantage of their five jackpots in total. Between the progressive jackpot, and the many major and minor jackpots, this is more jackpots in one game that we have seen in quite a while. Real money is the way to go here, if you would like real money in return!

Mobile Play for Android / iOS

Playing on your phone or tablet is the way most people prefer to go. No matter what device you have, it’s going to look and play just as well as the art style suggests! iPhones and iPads were clearly the target here, the resolution and orientations being optimized for that platform. It still looks just as good on android tablets and phones, however. Even if you play it on a Mac or PC, it will tend to look pretty good. No matter where you play it, it will look and play well, and the winnings will be just as real!