Wild Hog Luau Slots

Some games are so colorful and weird that they are hard to describe. This is one such game! It will leave an impression in your mind. It looks and plays like no other. Whether or not that’s your thing is something else, but they took some big risks here that we feel largely paid off.

About the Game

This is a real time gaming title that looks like someone came up with it while taking acid. We have never even thought of a promise like this, nor do we think anyone else has, either. It combines strange Hawaiian imagery with tribal trappings and, of course, lots of wild pigs. Weird, right? We know.

Slot Game Developer

This game comes to us from real time gaming, which right away should tell you that it’s probably going to be good. Even if you did not like the imagery or the game, it is very rare for a title by them to not come out wonderfully. It features the usual sky high production values that they are known for, along with interesting art styles and tried and true gameplay mechanics.

Demo Play

We imagine this is how most players will start engaging with the title, as you can play for free the second you see it. Instantly get going once the game loads by clicking a button, whether you are on a mobile device, or playing from a desktop Mac or PC.


This game is about Hawaiian pigs. It is probably the only game ever made about Hawaiian pigs. It may even be the only form of any medium that featured pigs at a luau. It’s a completely unique an entirely strange premise the draws you in just by talking about it. Everything is brighter and colorful than you expect given the theme as well. It is truly out of this world, despite being set amid things that are very familiar.

Game Design

Because of how outrageous the art style and subject matter are, the game place here is fairly standard. They didn’t do anything out of the ordinary when it came to the way the game plays and progresses. The maximum payout you can get is a 6800 multiplier. The number of reels that you can bet on our five. The number of lines that you can bet on at this time are 20. There are unfortunately no big jackpots or anything like that, although that huge multiplier for the maximum payout does a lot to make up for that. No progressive jackpot are fine if the average win is high like that.

You can bet in increments that you are familiar with, and being as little as one penny. This goes up with the money multipliers, and your imagination will limit you and how much you put down.

Bonus Round

The bonus round here makes up for the lack of progressive jackpot. You will have two such bonuses that you can get. The first is the free games feature. This likely needs no introduction or explanation, giving you free spins. The next is the lucky streak respond feature. It is not a high winning feature like some other bonus rounds and other games. What it is, however, is a feature that will let you get another chance should you lose. It’s similar to free money in that way.

Game RTP

The return to player here is the same as all real-time gaming titles you will find on this casino and others. Being around 97%. This is maintained by independent auditor boards to ensure it’s in during validity. They don’t simply out of the game once, but repeatedly over time. It would be quite easy to have a fair game to begin with that suddenly became unfair with technical trickery. Not so here, however!

Slot Game Rating

This game is so out there and wild that it ranks up there with the most popular games on the website. It is currently the number to game at the time of this writing. Players also tend to rate it very highly, averaging eight out of 10. If that was not enough to get you interested, it also looks absolutely bonkers, and you can start the game for free.

Slot Game Winners

Anyone that win’s the game will have their name plastered all over the website. This is one of the most popular games, meaning most of those names that you will read on the winners board are from this game itself. The game that is most popular changes from time to time, at times still including this game. Your chance of winnings are accordingly very good based on what players have found it so far!

Play for Fun

This game is certainly a lot of fun to look at, as well as to play. If you simply want to enjoy it for that reason, and not put down any money, you are welcome to do so. If you start playing the game without making a bet, it defaults to demo mode, allowing instant play to figure out the game. You can spend your time here before deciding whether to put down real money, although we ensure you that you probably will quite soon!

Play for Real Money

Real money is where it’s at with online slot machine games. If you decide to join the proud betting ranks, using your deposit bonuses, you can play this game with real winnings as a reward. Even if you start off elsewhere, you will end up betting for real, we guarantee it!

Mobile Play for Android / iOS

If you access this through an iPhone, iPad, or any of the many numerous android tablets and phones, it plays wonderfully. It seems particularly optimized for iPhones and iPads. It looks well no matter where you are running yet, however. In a web browser otherwise, it’s very pretty!