Dragon Orb Slots

Digital gaming has gotten pretty extreme in recent years. There's so much that can be done with colors and graphics these days, simply playing standard casino games has become a complicated experience. Sometimes, all you want is a simple, straightforward, classic slots game. Dragon Org Slots has all the elements of a classic slots game with just enough digital flair to make it fun and modern, even though the design itself is based on beautiful ancient art.

The Design

Soft shades of green and blue fill up this game, which is full of beautiful images from the days of ancient Asia. Delicate trees and a beautiful stream and waterfalls fill the background, which has a few little sparkles and glitters and animations. The movement makes this game feel highly immersive. You are stepping into this lovely ancient world. It's a beautiful place to get lost.

The Symbols

There are five reels and three rows that are full of ancient symbols. You will see scrolls, pottery, golden artifacts, candles and a symbol that is incredibly important in Asian culture, the lotus flower. There are 10 pay lines and you can choose to bet on all of them or just one, or any of those lines in between.

How to Play

Slots is a popular casino game that has found its way to every corner of the globe. There are tons of smartphone apps and online casinos that offer slots-based games. In fact, there's a hugely popular version of slots known as pokies that is absolutely all the rage in Australia. All you have to do is click the button, watch the reels spin and hope that matching symbols will line up. Of course, you can change your bet and choose to bet on multiple pay lines or just a few, so you can develop your own strategy and find your own unique way to play.

Time for Something Extra

The beautiful design, the fun gameplay, the gorgeous colors and the captivating theme are all plenty of reasons to play this game. If you like classic slots game, you're going to like Dragon OR Slots. But if you need another reason, there are a couple of really amazing ones for you to try out: progressive jackpots. There are two, the minor and the major. Hit either one and you will definitely be happy.

Where You Can Play Dragon Orb Slots

Dragon Orb slots is a unique slot game that many online casinos carry because it's popular and much-loved title. Anyone who likes classic slots games, will have fun playing this game. Find it online and find out how much fun you can have while playing.