Vegas Lux Slots

Anyone that's ever been to Vegas knows the allure of flashing lights and sparkling jewels. This game takes everything you would love in an actual Vegas casino, combines it with gameplay mechanics you have seen elsewhere, and meets it with high production values. It's slick, inviting, and fun. It checks all the boxes, and most people will love it!

About the Game

This game is for anyone that wishes they can go to Vegas but is afraid of the current viral break out. Although the game has been around for longer, the current audience is people that want the Vegas style without any of the risk. It's made by the best in the business, and has production values to match!

Slot Game Developer

This innovative title is brought to you by real time gaming. It broke the mold here and offering more paylines than anyone knows what to do with, and production values that work its way into the gameplay. They always have something unique to offer, and this game is proof of that!

Demo Play

We recommend everyone stop reading this review and go play the demo of the game right now. Nothing we can say or do is going to convey the game as well as that. The order and arrangement of the lines, and all else, it is quite unique. It's not a simple five reel game. With the demo, you can experience that right now!


The theme of this game is in the title, being Las Vegas itself. Most people probably don't know what the next word means, but that also refers to luxury. It does convey the luxury Vegas style quite well. This is probably the best game we have ever seen to tackle it and do it justice. With production values to match, this is a high-quality affair that pays homage to Vegas in a way anyone could be proud of.

Game Design

This game was designed around a unique arrangement that does not simply feature five reels on the board. Although there are five reels, they are arranged in a diamond pattern that makes it unlike any other game we have played, and presumably you have played! This results in a far higher number of lines to bet on, here being 720. 720 is quite the number! For context for those unfamiliar, most games average 3 to 25. Some games have Internet, but they are rare. This game strikes and wonderful balance of having a lot, but not too many.

Bonus Round

The bonus round here is the free games feature. This is exactly what it sounds like, simply giving people free spins. Don't let that deter you, however. The core gameplay itself is enticing enough that you won't care that the bonus round is somewhat rudimentary. You'll be so engrossed in the gameplay, you won't care!

Game RTP

Much like every other title brought to you by real time gaming, the industry standard of around 97% as what you can expect as a return. This is maintained by many third-party Independent auditors. They ensure that the returns are indeed random. No one is pulling anything over on anybody else, and everything has been laid bare to auditors that come in to ensure that.

Slot Game Rating

Because of how high the production values are and how different the game players, this game is one of the highest rated real time gaming titles at the moment. This can change from time to time, but it consistently rates among the top. This is no surprise considering how well-made it is. Try it out right now, we predict you will read it highly too!

Slot Game Winners

Should you get lucky enough to match just the right show girls, you can be one of the lucky few to make it on the leaderboard! Although this came lacks a progressive jackpot, the windows can be quite high thanks to how many lines you can bet on. This makes it difficult to determine just how high your winnings can be. If you got lucky enough, you can probably win more than the average progressive jackpot!

Play for Fun

For those that simply want a good time while staying indoors and avoiding any viruses, you can play this game without having to risk your wallet. All players are playing in demo mode by default. This mode instantly starts, and is available in all regions. You will quickly want to put down real money, however, when you see just how easy it is to win at a game like this!

Play for Real Money

It will probably take you all of a few minutes to start putting down real money. If you are in the habit of risking it all, you can bet more than you can elsewhere thanks to the 720 lines. This means you will get many orders of magnitude higher in return based on your bet. It is a win-win proposition since you'll have more fun while doing so as well!

Mobile Play for Android / iOS

Across any device you can hold in your hand, this game is going to sing. It looks just as well on iPhones as it does Android. Although Windows phones aren't something we have been able to test with it, we're not sure how many people on those anymore anyway. If you have an iPhone, iPad, or one of those new Google android tablets or phones, you can play this game in its full glory. Everything is secure, so you don't have to worry about losing your winnings when you encounter a shake in network connection, either. The net code here is top notch, which clearly means that they had mobile play in mind when they developed it. All real time gaming titles have the same wonderful net code, so you can easily play any of them on your phone without worry.