Gemtopia Slots

When you think of riches, you don't think of boring paper money. You think of gold, gems, jewels, things that sparkle. That's what Gemtopia Slots is all about, things that sparkle and shine. Win with this game and add riches to your bank account.

The Look

It's easy to notice the look of this game immediately. You will see regal shades of purple and rich blue in the background. And on the reels, you will see all the gorgeous ruby reds, emerald greens, sapphire blues and rich amber hues of gemstones. They cover the reels with rich color and sparkle and all the things that riches are supposed to be. It's already beautiful even before you start to play.

On the Reels

This game has a very traditional look, with five reels and three rows where you can match up sparkling gems to get money. If you see diamonds appear on the reels, you're in luck. The diamonds are wild cards and when you see one, you have a much better chance of winning. The gameplay is fast and fun and the autospin feature makes it easy to play. You will be hooked immediately by the fast action, beautiful design and all the potential ways you can win.

How to Bet

There are 15 different pay lines across the reels. Choose to play all 15 lines and bet a maximum of $1 per line for a total bet of $15 if you want to get the max payout when you win. Or, you can bet as little as $0.01 on a spin with a single pay line. Penny slots are some of the most popular games in Las Vegas. If you don't want to risk big money, just risk a penny. It's not going to get easier to gamble than that.

Get Even More Out of the Game

There's another reason why Gemtopia Slots stands out from all those other options you can find online: the progressive jackpot. The more you play, the bigger it gets. And the more you play, the more you increase your chances of hitting that jackpot. Talk about getting a lot of riches. Win the big jackpot and you can actually buy your own gems, if that's what you want.

Where You Can Play Gemtopia Slots

Ready to go on your own gem hunt with Gemtopia Slots? Look for this fun slots game at online casinos, anywhere that has slots-style games, and you're bound to find it.