Sweet 16 Slots

This is a playful candy game by real time gaming that looks good enough to eat! With a well rounded set of features, and a nice art style, the only thing we can hold against it is the lack of a big jackpot. Other than that, it is a hit!

About the Game

The name of the game is a play on the coming of age birthday parties that young girls have in the west. You would not know that based on the way the game works, however! It's all about candy here. We suppose that makes sense in a certain way, as girls tend to love it!

Slot Game Developer

This is a loving and inventive title brought to you by real time gaming. Real time gaming always has something to show for the amount of money they put into their games. This game is no exception! It looks great, and plays well, just like their other high budget titles.

Demo Play

If you don't want to play for real money, you can enjoy your own sweet 16 celebration by playing for free! You can instantly spin and experience everything the game has to offer, other than real money. There is no risk, only fun!


The title would have you thinking it's about a birthday party. The game itself is all about candy, however! Different sweets as far as the eye can see. We would describe them, but they all generally look like chocolates, sugary things, and the indefinable sweet we tend to see at shops of that kind.

Game Design

This is a simple five reel game without much bonus features. There also is no progressive jackpot. You will be able to bet on all of the lines, which is unique. Aside from that, however, you won't find anything out of the ordinary there. You can bet as little as a penny, or try your chance at a dollar a coin.

The bonus round here simply gives you free spins. We are not complaining! It's a fun way to handle it. It would be nice if they gave us some more variety, however.

Betting Options

As we mentioned before, the thing that makes this game most unique is the ability to bet on all lines. This is quite unique in the online slot machine world. Usually, you will be reserved to betting on either 20 or more lines. If it is a classic game, maybe either one! Having more lines to but I'm here unless you have more directions you can match, and more risks you can take for a good payout.

Free Spins

The free spins here are entirely from the bonus round. If you match enough of the logo, you are rewarded with being able to play longer without having a burden of putting down money. Whatever you've got before will simply ride over! You can also add on more money if you feel the need. We recommend betting high so that when you get the free spins, you can enjoy them to their fullest!

Game RTP

The return to players here is the industry standard of around 97%. Anytime you see a game from real time gaming, you can expect at least that! What this means is that, should you keep playing long into the night, you have a 97% chance or approaching that of winning at least something. That is not a guarantee to win all of the biggest jackpots, but a guarantee that the random number generator is indeed random, and will reward you in kind.

Slot Game Rating

This game is more recent, and as such, hasn't had a time to build up a large following yet. You can rank it out around term on the popularity scale. When taking into account how new the game goes, however, we think that in short order, it will rank much higher!

Slot Game Winners

The people that play this game most often will surely find their name on the winners board across the site. This lets you know who has been winning the game, and at times with the progressive jackpot has come to. If you would like to land your name on this coveted list, start now!

Play for Fun

There is no need to waste all your money on gambling if you're too afraid to try it. For people like that, you can treat it as an arcade instead, all without having to put down a single time! Playing in demo mode allows just that.

Play for Real Money

If you want to play for keeps, they also have options for you too. You can put down a coin increments from pennies to dollars. When added across all of the many lines you can bet on, that adds up to big winnings! There is no big progressive jackpot, but if you put down enough real money, you can make a small jackpot of your own!

Mobile Play for Android / iOS

No matter what kind of phone or tablet you happen to have in your pocket, it will run this game. Across iPhones and iPads, it ran perfectly well, and looked lovely on their high-quality screens. On android phones and tablets, it also looked great. As long as you don't have something like a Windows phone, it is probably going to work. Even then, we assume it will work there too! It is a well-made game that has the potential to run anywhere.

Our personal favorite place to play this game as is while in line at the grocery store during the pandemic. In general, if we have a wait, we like to fire up our mobile device and head over to this game. It makes us feel good to look at the food graphics, and even better when we win!