Cash Bandits 2 Slots

This is the second entry in an ongoing franchise that has taken the online gambling world by storm. If you are new to gambling online, you probably won’t appreciate how much of a trend this series started. Most people consider the second entry in the game to be the apex of the series. No matter which version you play, they are all great!

About the Game

This is a legendary series that took production values to another level and added them to wonderful gameplay mechanics. Before games like this, slots tend to look like the old classic games and had little to show for themselves. They weren’t exactly games you would look at and be filled with joy about the production values. This series was one of the first to buck that trend. This is the second entry in the hit franchise. They went on to make a third because of how successful the second one was. The fact that they keep making them is about all you need to know about it!

Slot Game Developer

This game was made by pioneers in the field there are huge fans of slot machine Games themselves. Brought to you by real time gaming, you can play this game and know why they put their names on the map. This is one of their flagship titles. Featuring their now standard return to player, and production values through the roof, there is little that this game does wrong, thanks to real-time gaming.

Demo Play

This game can be played as if it were a free downloadable game. This is the demo mode, which is on by default. You can play without having to put down any real money. When you start any game, everything is going to be in demo mode and instant play. If you decide to use money after that, all the better!


The theme of this game is a continuation of the first, and a prequel to the third. You are a robber that is trying to get all the money they can out of a bank. Along the way, you are chased by many detectives trying to catch you down. It is a heist themed franchise, which this one takes to another level! It is worked carefully into every aspect of the game, including the bonus round.

Game Design

This is a well-thought-out game that did not spend all of its budget on merely the graphics. You can find a hefty progressive jackpot here. It is a five reel game, which is now the standard thanks to well-made games like these. You can bet across 25 lines. As far as increments go, you can put down their pennies, and max out at $.25 per coin. The maximum bet is accordingly somewhat small. This is made up for the generous return to player and progressive jackpot, however.

Betting Options

This game has 25 lines to bet on, which along side the one cent to $.25 coin amount, makes your maximum bet $6.25.

Bonus Round

The bonus round here is a continuation of the first game’s bonus round. People loved it so much, they merrily brought it back! If you can match them off of the right symbols, you can activate the vault feature. This is similar to a choose your own adventure game. If you pick the correct vault, you can win what is inside! Sometimes it is good, and sometimes it is great. No matter what, however, it is a lot of fun!

Free Spins

Free spins can be had from the vault feature, as well as matching the right symbol. There are actually more opportunities for free spans and this game then there were in the original. Some people like it better for that reason. We still somewhat prefer the first due to nostalgia, but if free spans are your highest priority, you will like this version better.

Game RTP

Due to the software provider here being real time gaming, you can get the now industry standard of 96% to 97% as a return. The more you play, the more the random number generator will give you a chance to win. Should you play long enough, you have a 97% chance of winning at least something. Most people walk away either breaking even, or winning more money than they put down. If you combine that with a deposit bonus, you are in business!

Slot Game Rating

Rating a game in a franchise like this is challenging because most people like all of them. In general, we will say that the franchise itself is up there with the most popular of slot machine games. The second one is probably the most popular, followed by the third. It ranks highly for that reason!

Slot Game Winners

Should you win the game, you will be granted a nice progressive jackpot and your name across the game itself for other players showing up to the website. You will certainly be the envy of them if you were the progressive jackpot!

Play for Fun

If you enjoyed them all, you are the kind of person that likes these more for fun than for money. Should you decide to put down real money, however, they have options for you as well!

Play for Real Money

The more real money you put down, the more real winnings will be returned to you! This is obvious in retrospect, but some people forget that and only about the default coin amounts on a single line.

Mobile Play for Android / iOS

No matter what kind of phone do you have in your pocket, or tablet you have in hand, you can play this game wonderfully. The graphics scale beautifully due to their hand drawn nature. It truly is a beautiful game. We thoroughly enjoy it, and recommend iOS devices above all others to do the same!